Giving it Up for Lent


As I sat in a cafe, I read through these reminders simply pasted in the window pane.

The season of Lent is a season of penance and reflection. It is a special time of prayer and sacrifice. Not that everyday is not a time of prayer and sacrifice but I always thought of Lent as a great reminder of human frailty…that in all the great gifts that life offers, one must pause a while to reflect and make a little sacrifice to make us feel “human” once again. It begins on  Ash Wednesday, which was a few weeks ago.

My children and I celebrated Ash Wednesday together, with the mass leader asking, “What will you sacrifice this Lenten season?” This got my kids thinking. They knew that most people during Lent give up carnivorous dishes on Fridays or for the whole of forty days. I was glad that the mass leader mentioned that sacrifices need not be literal. Sacrifices out of love can be giving up something that comes to us as an indulgence in commemoration of lent. Prince asked, “What can I give up?” I told them that children are actually exempted from this practice. But they insisted that they can do it so they came up with this…

For Prince, no delicious Yan Yan for 40 days…

For the princess, no soda for 40 days… (I think this is quite difficult!)


Coke + Aaaah = Happiness!

Okay, so I joined them on this too…it’s goodbye coffee for 40 days…


When you put your heart to it, there’s nothing to it. We’re doing pretty well. We’re halfway through. Such a trivial but meaningful task. Here’s looking forward to coffee on Easter and the lessons that come with it.


4 thoughts on “Giving it Up for Lent

  1. *Gulp* If I am to do it, I do easy ones. Hmmmm… my mind tells me the same … soda or coffee. I can’t imagine giving up blogging, but I had done it. 😀 … after suffering from The Ostrich Syndrome.

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