One Summer Morning

I cancelled an appointment today. I could not stand to leave the kids at home as they wake up to fix their own breakfast and do their own thing while I attend a whole day appointment. I remember how I used to cram everything in the morning before 7:30 AM — the children’s school needs, instruction for the helpers — just to make it to the office at 8 AM and slave the whole day at work. I reach the house often with the kids fast asleep, except Prince the littlest one. He waits up for me and together we watch Shaun the Sheep at 10 PM until we fall asleep.

Thank God it’s the other way around today. I couldn’t stand to miss an early summer morning with the children. I’m happy too that I have the luxury to make a choice.

Summer is just beginning. My big boy has just arrived. We all slept in the living room together. Even as I woke up early, I watched over them, prepared our breakfast. When the little one woke up, he said, “Mom, lie down beside me.” I indulged and asked, “Why?” He answered, “So that you can relax…” And with a tangle of arms and legs, he wrapped me in innocent love.

Just for that, the cancellation was worth it.




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