A Weekend Drive to the Countryside

Everytime we go home to the countryside, it is always mainly for work but the kids and I learned to enjoy the ride to the countryside. As I drive towards the country, I feel slowly sucked by nature as these scenes pass us by.

We usually start our travel at late dawn, just in time to see the burst of sunrise in the skies.


IMG_4442The break of light in a hopeful morning truly refreshes. The kids love waking up to this, especially my daughter Yna. Once awake, she would snatch my phone and take photos of the scenery. She does not get tired of doing this, even if we have been on this road many times.



The roads we travel show us the direction that moving forward in this trip brings you closer and closer to your destination. That applies to life, in general.


In moving forward, it is also nice to take meaningful breaks — like roadside halo-halo or fresh fruits!

IMG_4555This is our first official halo-halo for the summer. I have always loved homemade halo-halo compared to those of those gigantic ones in fast foods and restaurants.


In our travels, I always notice the roadside vendors who sell their fresh produce by the highways. More often, these are products found in their humble backyards. I admire how they work hard on growing fruits and vegetables and in producing delectable treats in their homes for selling.


Our travel to the country usually ends with the sunset, a mark of another simple day filled with simple but heartwarming memories with the children. I have always loved how cooperative and understanding they are as I strive to balance motherhood and concerns over work and my father, who I visit in the country. They have always made it easy for me. They found ways to entertain themselves or just watched the sunset, a beautiful end to the day…




4 thoughts on “A Weekend Drive to the Countryside

  1. Awesome post, Grace. I prefer the homemade halo-halo as well. Some times, it’s not even just the taste that makes it good.

    Believe me, I’m always the one driving even when I go with others. But when these hands are wheel-free, they’re camera ready. 😀

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